The Erin Condren Life Planner in the Kikki K

I did it yesterday and my Mom jumped on the wagon today - we put the EC Life Planner in our Kikki K. Actually the reason is easy. As much as I love the Kikki K. on the outside, as much do I love the EC inside - it just came naturally and obviously not just for Mum and me. You can find tons of videos on YouTube where the ladies put their EC Planner in the Kikki K. I know it is not the cheapest thing to do but one forever. Every year, you simply exchange the inserts and good. Here is how we did it - the quick and easy way: uncoil-3   uncoil-1 Just get rid of the wire by opening it with the pilot punch and twist it out. Just keep twisting, the more you do the more it comes out. This is how it looks after you have added your inserts into the Kikki K. We did not add a Washi tape to each page and punched it again but simply used the holes it already has. To be honest, I like it more because this way I can decorate better later and do not need to use the Washi as a guideline. uncoil-2   Here are our planners, pretty, isn't it? The only problem is that it is a little too big when you close it. But my planner always lies next to me, open, ready to check off the boxes (in my office) so I hardly see the problem. uncoil-4 uncoil-5