Planner Course 101

So many of you asked how to start planning. I know, it's kinda overwhelming first: There it is, your super new, very first Erin Condren Life Planner or any other planner. And now you should write into it. You basically should destroy its beauty! I know how it feels - been there, done that. But hey, once started I couldn't stop. It felt more like adding personality to my planner and no longer "destroying it". In any case - we put together a Planner 101 Course for your convenience.

1. Planner Course Part One - All about Planners

  We have a look at many different planners available - from the EC horizontal to the EC vertical, from a "normal" planner to the Becky Higgins one. See the pros and cons but more important - make up your own mind!

2.  All Planner Supplies you need

In this video we look at the different supplies you need as a planner - from Washi Tape to Inserts, Sticky Notes and... well a few more things from my stash ☺️

3.  What are Dividers?

Dividers will help you not just to stay organized but add more to your planner of what you need.

4.  My Weekly Setup

Here you can see how I set up my week - nothing spectacular, it's more to give you inspiration.

5. What is a Dashboard?

6. What is a Planner Buddy?

Got inspired?

Have a look at our store or join the Planner Buddy Club!