Planner Buddy Club January

I really like the Planner Buddy Club for this month! Why? The name of the collection is: Get it done! and it completely says what I'm using my Planner for - to get things done and sorted. It feels good when I can check off all the things I have on the table. And even better when I see in the evening that I got all done what I should have done that day.

Get it done! does not just come with stickers for your sidebar but also with a complete sheet of motivational stickers but have a look yourself!


Here the motivational stickers:



And the whole collection:


And a bit to decorate your weeks as well as the weekend banners:



And all the things you have to get done...


Don't forget it's not "just" the huge collection that comes in your Planner Buddy Box but also things from our Planner Buddies from all over the world - from Washi Tape to pens, paper, maybe Project Life Cards - you'll get a HUGE collection to do your crafts, not just planning!

You can subscribe or exchange with us here