Our VERY first Planner Buddy Package arrived!

Been suuuuper excited today! We found our VERY first Planner Buddy Package from the Planner Buddy Club in our mailbox! We have had a Planner Buddy long before we started the Club (Thank you, Michelle for all the great goodies!) but today was the first day we got a package from one of our Planner Buddy Club Members - you may know that you can or cannot subcribe. Wether you send us a package and we will send you one back with the content of this months' Planner Buddy Club or you subscribe and get a package from us every month. Either way is totally cool - we SO LOVE to get Happy Mail!!!! You can find more information about our Planner Buddy Club here pbc-christy-1   All this is in this package! OMG - couldn't even take one photo of all so here you go, several pics.pbc-christy-2 pbc-christy-3 pbc-christy-4 pbc-christy-5 pbc-christy-6   Are you looking for a Planner Buddy as well? We would SO love to have you on board! Check out the Planner Buddy Club